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Data Science

Is data science tech's 'sexiest job'? Talent wars say so
hoping to get a foot in the door with future data scientists. Atlanta-based Equifax Inc. was one of 11 companies doing data science and prescriptive analytics projects with Cornell University this year, with Equifax offering up voluminous data sets ... @ 2018-05-26T06:00:00
Become a Data Scientist
... direct access to top data science practitioners from some of the most innovative organizations in the world. Moderated office hour sessions offer practical, actionable, and insightful guidance and support. The Data Scientist Nanodegree program is ... @ 2018-05-25T17:24:00
Data Scientist Shortage Creates Competitive Job Market for Analytics, Informatics
According to a Bloomberg analysis, job postings for data scientists rose 75 percent from January 2015 ... He continues to be inundated with job offers from recruiters in the data science space. Employment analysts interviewed by Bloomberg see a shortage ... @ 2018-05-25T18:47:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Eric Schmidt Or Elon Musk, Who Is Right About Future Artificial Intelligence?
Eric Schmidt, the former chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet and now its technical adviser, joined the list of people Friday who oppose Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s views about the future of artificial intelligence. Musk has warned that AI ... @ 2018-05-26T08:18:00
Artificial Intelligence Stock Background Music (4841) by Royalty Free Music
️ Get License here: Artificial Intelligence masterfully fusees together complex electronic rhythms and industrial sound-scapes to create an imaginative modern cinematic piece. @ 2018-05-26T11:10:00
Artificial intelligence not even close to humanlike thought
The field of artificial intelligence doesn’t lack for ambition. In January, Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, claimed in an interview that AI “is more profound than, I dunno, electricity or fire.” Day-to-day developments, though, are more ... @ 2018-05-26T12:03:00

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Qualcomm claims its on-device voice recognition is 95% accurate
At the Re-Work Deep Learning Summit in Boston ... The system, which works locally on a smartphone or other portable device, comprises two kinds of neural networks: a recurrent neural network (RNN) which uses its internal state, or memory, to process ... @ 2018-05-25T17:22:00
There Is No 'One Size Fits All' In AI -- Qualcomm Targets A Multifarious Approach
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are changing everything in the electronics ... At the moment, most of the training of artificial neural networks is done in data centers. While it is possible to do training on edge devices ... @ 2018-05-25T17:55:00
Intel's latest promise: Our first AI ASIC chips will arrive in 2019
AI Dev Con Intel announced a range of machine learning software tools and hinted at new chips ... MKL-DNN It stands for math kernel library for deep neural networks. It’s a list of mathematic programmes for common components in neural networks, including ... @ 2018-05-25T18:33:00