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Earn your M.S. in Data Science online in 20 months from SMU - ranked a Top National University by US News. Bachelor's degree required. GRE waivers available for experienced applicants
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Syracuse University's online Master's in Data Science can be completed in as few as 18 months. GRE waivers are available.
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Earn your Master's in Data Science online from UC Berkeley - #1 ranked public university by US News

Data Science

What is a data scientist? A key data analytics role and a lucrative career
and there are other ways you can develop data science skills. Before you jump into a higher-education program, you’ll want to know what industry you’ll be working in to figure out the most important skills, tools and software. Because data science ... @ 2017-08-18T14:35:00
Top 5 traits of highly effective data scientists
Data science is growing at an impressive rate and breakthroughs in the industry will happen because those working in it are curious to push forward the uses of data. Candidates that possess a curiosity about the use of data will be the ones who make good ... @ 2017-08-18T09:27:00
Machine learning will transform data science role, says Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst
The role of data scientists will be transformed as machine learning techniques become more widely used by businesses, according to Stephen Brobst, CTO of analytics firm Teradata. While many of the principles behind 'AI' approaches are not new, interest ... @ 2017-08-18T12:22:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We Should Be as Scared of Artificial Intelligence as Elon Musk Is
Elon Musk recently commented on Twitter (twtr) that artificial intelligence (AI) is more dangerous than North Korea. It’s not the first time that the entrepreneur has warned about the dangers of AI. Should we all be afraid as he is? Will AI lead to a ... @ 2017-08-18T15:14:00
Are You Prepared For Artificial Intelligence In The Future Workplace?
Author-Coach-Trainer-Speaker, working with Entrepreneurs, Small Business, and Corporate Professionals for business & leadership success. In my role as a university professor and corporate trainer, I regularly draw on my study of leadership, teamwork ... @ 2017-08-18T11:00:00
The importance of building ethics into artificial intelligence
Elon Musk recently said that the threat of Artificial Intelligence is more dangerous than that of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. While I don’t pretend to be a foreign policy expert, I’m confident that Musk’s commentary oversimplifies things at ... @ 2017-08-18T12:48:00

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Qualcomm Acquires Machine Learning Startup Scyfer
Qualcomm Technologies has been focused on researching spiking neuron approaches to machine learning and its application; gradually, it has expanded its research scope to artificial neural networks and intelligence, as well as deep learning. Currently ... @ 2017-08-18T17:14:00
Machine Learning for OpenCV
and Bayesian networks, and learn how to combine them with other OpenCV functionality. As the book progresses, so will your machine learning skills, until you are ready to take on today's hottest topic in the field: Deep Learning. By the end of this book ... @ 2017-08-18T01:51:00