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Science editor H. Holden Thorp: Scientists "should have spoken out" against Trump "a long time ago"
Editor of respected journal on his "Trump lied about science" editorial — and why too many scientists stayed quiet @ 2020-09-28T11:00:02
Do You Need a Chief Data Scientist?
Data scientists are modern-day wizards who can turn digital coal into virtual diamonds. But data scientists are unique individuals with special talents, @ 2020-09-28T21:42:00
What Skills Does a Data Scientist Need?
In this modern and complicated time of economy, Big data is nothing without the professionals who turn cutting-edge technology into actionable insights. These professionals are called Data Scientists. @ 2020-09-28T06:11:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence can help protect orchids and other species
Many orchid species are threatened by land conversion and illegal harvesting. However, only a fraction of those species is included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, because assessments require a lot of time, @ 2020-09-28T20:49:00
9 Soft Skills Every Employee Will Need In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems are becoming increasingly competent at doing jobs that previously, only humans could do. Here, we look at the key soft skills everyone should be focusing on to compete well in the job market of the future. @ 2020-09-28T04:39:00
This interactive VR 'film' lets you play god to an evolving artificial intelligence
If you could play god to an emerging artificial intelligence, would you? Or better: Should you? That’s the moral dilemma at the heart of Agence, an interactive “dynamic film” that blends virtual reality, @ 2020-09-28T13:00:00

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Neural network trained to control anesthetic doses, keep patients under during surgery
and Massachusetts General Hospital have demonstrated how neural networks can be trained to administer anesthetic during surgery. Over the past decade, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning algorithms have been developed and ... @ 2020-09-28T09:10:00
Programming Machine Learning: From Coding to Deep Learning
You've decided to tackle machine learning - because you're job hunting, embarking on a new project, or just think self-driving cars are cool. But where to start? It's easy to be intimidated, even as a software developer. @ 2020-09-29T01:21:00
New approach for earlier detection of Alzheimer's
Won Hwa Kim, an assistant professor of computer science at The University of Texas at Arlington, is using a two-year, $175,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to use machine learning for earlier detection of Alzheimer's disease. @ 2020-09-28T21:59:00