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Online Master's in Data Science
Earn your M.S. in Data Science online in 20 months from SMU - ranked a Top National University by US News. Bachelor's degree required. GRE waivers available for experienced applicants
Online M.S. in Applied Data Science
Syracuse University's online Master's in Data Science can be completed in as few as 18 months. GRE waivers are available.
Online Master of Information and Data Science
Earn your Master's in Data Science online from UC Berkeley - #1 ranked public university by US News

Data Science

Bringing Data Science to the Masses
A team from MIT has taken an AI-driven approach to democratizing data analysis to make interpreting data easier for everyone.
Three Mistakes that Set Data Scientists up for Failure
This is the “science” in the “data science” – scientific method is founded on the principle of redefining hypothesis based on new data. ...
What Does a Data Scientist Do?
Hadoop? R? Machine learning algorithms? A data scientist must know a lot more than programming and platforms. ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The next big step for AI is getting out of the cloud and onto your phone
You want AI on your phone. It’s faster, more secure, you can use it regardless of the availability of cell service or wi-fi...
With Echo Show, Amazon Seizes The Lead In The Race To Artificial Intelligence
Riding on a recent surge in share price, Amazon sent another shock wave through the tech world on Tuesday by launching a smart Wi-Fi speaker that not only hears what you say, ...
Is Artificial Intelligence the Key to Personalized Education?
AI expert Joseph Qualls thinks it will change the way kids learn. But it also raises some big issues.

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