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Top 10 Data Science Communities Every Data Scientist Must Know
Data science communities help data scientists perform better by seeking guidance from other data scientists and experts. Analytics Insight is bringing a list of data science communities that professionals can take part in. @ 2020-10-25T06:59:00
Dodgers vs. Rays odds, line: 2020 World Series Game 5 picks, predictions from data scientists on 123-66 run
World Series tied at 2-2 after a classic matchup in Game 4, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays square off in a pivotal Game 5 on Sunday night. Clayton Kershaw takes the ball for the Dodgers after leading Los Angeles to a Game 1 victory. @ 2020-10-25T20:53:10
Commons showdown highlights tension between politics and science
Monday's vote on a Conservative motion to launch an in-depth review of the Liberal government's COVID-19 response highlights a key challenge @ 2020-10-25T16:11:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Calculating where artificial intelligence can do business
Some recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, though striking, can seem of mainly theoretical interest. It is one thing to generate impressive results in a research setting, quite another to apply them in practice. @ 2020-10-25T20:00:00
Artificial intelligence helps classify new craters on Mars
An innovative artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by NASA has helped identify a cluster of craters on Mars that formed within the last decade. The new machine-learning alg @ 2020-10-25T12:03:04
Artificial intelligence helping prevent bad word choices in workplace
"I think that words do matter, so I think that you do have to be very mindful of the words that you use." Companies are developing software to monitor and change word choices in the workplace. Here's @ 2020-10-25T00:03:00

Extra - If You Have Time

Top 5 Neural Network Models For Deep Learning & Their Applications
There are several neural network architectures with different features. Here, we are going to explore some of them @ 2020-10-25T12:32:00
A Review on Application of Deep Learning Algorithms in External Beam Radiotherapy Automated Treatment Planning
Treatment planning plays an important role in the process of radiotherapy (RT). The quality of the treatment plan directly and significantly affects patient treatment outcomes. In the past decades, technological advances in computer and software have promoted the development of RT treatment planning systems with sophisticated dose calculation and optimization algorithms. @ 2020-10-25T20:35:00
Researchers suggest AI can learn common sense from animals
AI practitioners can draw lessons from scientists working with animals to train reinforcement learning agents, a recent paper found. @ 2020-10-25T15:47:00