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Alteryx CEO Dean Stoecker - data science and the disaster of digital transformation
Earthbound data scientists have access to vast computing and information resources, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), yet still the capabilities these technologies promise are not filtering deeper into organisations and helping them to make better, faster decisions. But why? Dean Stoecker is CEO of data science and self-service data ... @ 2020-03-27T15:30:00
How to Become a Data Scientist?
How to Become a Data Scientist? About 40% of core data scientist profiles require an advanced degree. There are various online courses available today. A course in data science will allow a person to gain in-depth knowledge about the most modern skills and ... @ 2020-03-27T08:46:00
State-level data misses growing coronavirus hot spots in U.S., including in the South
As the coronavirus began to spread rapidly, she and colleagues at the Center for Spatial Data Science worked quickly to apply the approach to better identify ... Arkansas is likely highly vulnerable for intensive cases in the coming weeks, the scientists said. Albany and Atlanta in Georgia have demonstrated such vulnerability already and ... @ 2020-03-27T14:25:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Return On Artificial Intelligence: The Challenge And The Opportunity
Companies need more returns on their artificial intelligence initiatives. There are several ways to achieve it. @ 2020-03-27T14:16:00
Here's How Walmart Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Keep Prices Low
That's a problem it will use Pactum's artificial intelligence-based product to address. "Inefficient contracting has been estimated to cause firms to lose between 17% to 40% of the value on a given deal, depending on circumstances, according to research by KPMG," Pactum CEO Martin Rand said in a press release. In theory, this technology will ... @ 2020-03-27T18:24:00
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Social Media Market 2019-2023 | Need for Data Integration Solutions to Boost Growth | Technavio
LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio has been monitoring the artificial intelligence (AI) in social media market and it is poised to grow by USD 1.67 billion during 2019-2023. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. Request latest free sample ... @ 2020-03-27T19:00:00

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Deep Learning: What You Need To Know
During the past decade, deep learning has seen groundbreaking developments in the field of AI (A. But what is this technology? And why is it so important? Well, let’s first get a definition of deep learning. @ 2020-03-27T18:49:00
Deep Learning Model For Bank Crisis Prediction
Credit card fraud detection, stock market prediction, among others, are some of the popular machine learning approaches in this sector, which the companies have actively adopted to streamline their business operations. In this article, we will discuss a deep learning technique — deep neural network — that can be deployed for predicting ... @ 2020-03-28T04:32:00
Why Adversarial Examples Are Such a Dangerous Threat to Deep Learning
Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks are driven by deep learning — machine learning algorithms that get “smarter” with more data. The deepfake, a severe cybersecurity threat, wouldn’t be possible without deep learning. Deepfakes aside, we need to be aware that several machine learning models, including ... @ 2020-03-27T10:52:00