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Find your first job as a Data Scientist
In this text I’ll go over how you can find your first data science job if you’re just starting. Become a Data Scientist. Pass a Data Science Job Interview. The first thing is to gain some practical skills. These steps might take you weeks to months, so don’t worry about the timing and be patient. Data Science is a marathon. Concepts you ... @ 2020-02-17T16:28:00
Data Scientist and TEDx Speaker Isaac Reyes talks about data visualization in the business setting
However, not everyone in the business world understands the value of information that comes with this type of methodology. While data scientists can easily crunch numbers and build models, the problem usually occurs when it’s time to explain those insights to stakeholders and decision-makers alike. In a one-on-one interview with ... @ 2020-02-18T08:09:00
The Stitch Fix Story: How A Unique Prioritization Of Data Science Helped The Company Create Billions In Market Value
Few companies make their data science teams their #1, much less have them report directly to their CEOs. Stitch Fix does — and it paid off. @ 2020-02-17T17:25:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence program aims to help doctors more accurately diagnose breast cancer
A team at Google has developed an artificial intelligence program aimed at helping doctors accurately detect cancer in mammograms. Thousands of women receive a false negative on their breast cancer tests each year, while one in 10 receive a false positive. Shravya Shetty, who heads the Google team developing the system, told CBS News' Jamie ... @ 2020-02-17T17:55:00
What Does “Artificial Intelligence” Really Mean?
Before IBM's Deep Blue computer program defeated world champion Garry Kasparov in chess in 1997, ... [+] many AI pundits believed that machines would never possess the creativity required to rival humans at the game. @ 2020-02-17T21:52:00
Artificial intelligence aims to improve breast cancer diagnoses
A recent study found that false positive breast biopsies cost the healthcare system over $2 billion per year. According to the National Cancer Institute, mammograms miss about 20% of breast cancers while one in 10 women receive a false positive result. @ 2020-02-17T16:03:00

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Euclidean Q4 2019 Letter - Optimism And New Opportunities
... together and Lakshay subsequently navigated a deep dive into the subject of Deep Bayesian Neural Networks for uncertainty quantification. Lakshay is now working to use this expertise to incorporate these techniques, which are at the forefront of machine learning and AI, into the models that drive our funds investment decision making. @ 2020-02-17T16:26:00
From Pixar to GovTech: the inside story of Singapore’s AI whizz
Around that time, Chong was introduced to deep learning by a friend who led the machine learning work that went into Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition system. After reviewing lecture videos by Stanford University on convolutional neural networks, Chong became intrigued. “It’s easy for us to pick up deep learning because the foundation ... @ 2020-02-17T14:09:00
Bridging The Gender Gap In AI
The first step to bridge the gender gap in AI is awareness. By understanding the nature and significance of the gender bias, we can take meaningfully steps to bridge the divide. @ 2020-02-17T15:50:00