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How To Go Into Data Science: Ultimate Q&A for Aspiring Data Scientists with Serious Guides
So…you want to be become a data scientist? Cool. You’re a self-motivated person who is very passionate about data science and bringing values to companies by solving complex problems. Great. But you have ZERO experience in data science and have no clue ... @ 2019-04-22T13:33:00
Interview: Dan Tofan for this week’s data science webinar
... course on using PyCharm for data science and we invited him for a webinar next week. To help set the stage, below is an interview with Dan. PyCharm brings a productivity boost to data scientists, by helping them explore data, debug Python code, write ... @ 2019-04-22T11:57:00
This Is What You Should Know At The Beginning Of Your Career In Data Science
What advice do you give someone beginning to learn data science? originally appeared on Quora ... It’s an exciting time to be a data scientist. There’s tremendous opportunity to rethink old approaches in both expected (technology companies / quant ... @ 2019-04-22T16:55:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Google Searches For Ways To Put Artificial Intelligence To Use In Health Care
One of the biggest corporations on the planet is taking a serious interest in the intersection of artificial intelligence and health. Google and its sister companies, parts of the holding company Alphabet, are making a huge investment in the field, with ... @ 2019-04-22T18:52:00
How artificial intelligence systems could threaten democracy
U.S. technology giant Microsoft has teamed up with a Chinese military university to develop artificial intelligence systems that could potentially enhance government surveillance and censorship ... @ 2019-04-22T15:25:00
Researchers uses artificial intelligence to summarize papers
(Inside Science) -- If your eyes have ever glazed over while reading scientific literature, a new system powered by artificial intelligence may be able to help. Researchers from MIT have used ... @ 2019-04-22T19:37:00

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Novel techniques that can ‘trick’ object detection systems sounds familiar alarm
“Deep-learning neural networks are highly effective at many tasks ... “Adversarial attacks on machine learning models have seen increasing interest in the past years. By making only subtle changes to the input of a convolutional neural network ... @ 2019-04-22T18:58:00
Containing the sun
Their new algorithm, the Fusion Recurrent Neural Network (FRNN), searches ... which made all the difference. Deep learning is a distinct field in AI that can handle much more complexity than other approaches. “Classical machine learning is good at ... @ 2019-04-22T20:04:00
Machine learning gathers analyst emotion for better investing
This sentiment extraction, which the researchers based on a machine learning approach, is known as deep neural network supervised learning. A key feature of this method is that it analyses the reports at the sentence level rather than individual words. @ 2019-04-22T16:25:00