Data Science Bootcamps

Data Science Dojo (Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp) US and others F 2999 5-day immersive data science bootcamp, no pre-requisites
The Dev Masters (Data Science) US CA F 2995 6 Days Program
Zipfian Academy (Data Science Immersive) US CA F 16000 12 week program
Zipfian Academy (Data Engineering Immersive) US CA F 16000 12 week program
Insight Data Science (Data Science) US CA F 0 6 week program, PhD required
Insight Data Science (Data Science) US NY F 0 6 week program, PhD required
Insight Data Engineering (Data Engineering) US CA F 0 6 week program, no PhD required
The Data Incubator (Data Science) US NY T 0 6 week program, PhD required
Persontyle (Data Science) GB F 0 6 week program, PhD required, located in London
Big Dive (Hacking and Data Visualization) IT F 1200 5 week program, prices vary, located in Torino, Italy
Big Data Bootcamp (Big Data from AmpLab) US CA T 600 Training for big data tools, specifically products from the UC Berkeley AMPLab (Data Science Certificate) US T 549 Excellent online courses in stats and data science
Metis (Data Science) US NY / SF / Chicago / Seattle F 16000 No PhD required, full-time, 12 weeks
NYC Data Science Academy (Data Science) US NY F 16000 12 week full-time program
NYC Data Science Academy (Data Engineering) US NY F 9000 12 week full-time program
Data Science Retreat (Data Science) DE F 8000 13 week full-time program
Science to Data Science (Data Science) UK F 0 5 week workshop program
Insight Health Data Science (Data Science) US MA F 0 7 week program, PhD required
ASI Fellowship (Data Science) UK F 0 8 week post-doctoral fellowship
Silicon Valley Data Academy (Data Academy) US CA F 0 8 week program
Bit Bootcamp (Data Science) US NY F 0 6 week data science program and 4 week big data program
DS12 (Data Science+Engineering) US CA F 0 12 candidates for 12 weeks. Scala/Spark focused with expert instructors. Embedded in DataScience Inc - stipend provided
Level (Data Analytics) US MA / WA / CA / NC F 7995 8 week full-time program. Focus on SQL, R, Tableau, Excel, Data Visualization
BaseCamp (Data Science) AT F 5000 8 week full-time program
K2 Data Science (Data Science Immersive) Anywhere T 14000 24 week program, 100% online, no PhD required
di-Academy (Data Science) BE EU F 12 weeks 2d.week + internship in Brussels
Sollers Data Science (Data Science) US NY F
Springboard Data Science Career Track (Data Science) US online F 4800 Get a data science job or your tuition back with Springboard's new online Data Science Career Track bootcamp